CABO Music Fest

CABO Music Fest

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Cabo Music Fest
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#CaboMusicFest is not your typical #CaboSpringBreak. #CaboMusicFest will combine the traditional Cabo Spring Break experience and vamp it up by featuring:

~~ 14 DJs, such as R3hab, Galantis and Deorro, who will make you party, dance, and enjoy the best electronic music show Cabo San Lucas, Mexico has ever seen.

~~ An open-air venue with a beautiful scenery and food/beverage vendors with quality products; and of course quality #tequila.

~~ To mix up the typical festival experience, we have added: #BodyPaint, #ElectroYoga, #DirectedMeditation, #BeachVolleyball, #WaterSlides, #PaddleBoarding and many more activites.

~~ #CaboMusicFest will feature the same beach vibes from a typical #CaboSpringBreak; but instead of standing on the beach , you’ll be dancing in front of @Galantis

~~ Additionally, the restaurant area will have 2 #VIP lounges located 2 meters above the ground which will have their own bar and waiters.

~~ #CaboMusicFest makes your typical #CaboSpringBreak, not so typical. ~~

#CaboMusicFest will take place on Saturday, March 11th and Sunday, March 12th between 10:00 AM and 12:30 AM on both days. The only place in which you’ll be able to enjoy the sun, the sea, nature, beer, alcohol, music, and great food in all of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Freedom! Get Your Cashless Bracelet

Managing your money and payments in this large of an event won’t be a problem, as Cabo Music Fest will include an innovative, secure and dynamic payment system. Your tequila shots and beer refills will be charged through your bracelet!

We will give you a bracelet which you can re-charge at any given time with the amount of money you prefer; then you can go cashless and buy tequila shots. This is meant so you can make payments quickly and safely throughout the entire event so you can also enjoy all of its attractions efficiently. The bracelets can be recharged on the day of the event with cash or card. The money you’ve added to your bracelet and which you don’t manage to spend will be reimbursed to you.

You’ll be able to purchase your ticket through this portal. All tickets are electronic. You’ll be able to exchange them by showing your electronic ticket at the airport, the different exchange centers or directly at the event entrance.

Arriving Won’t Be A Inconvenience!

Thinking about your comfort CABO Music Fest will deploy a transportation network which will leave every 20 min from different strategic points in the city and will head directly towards the event.

Now, if you’d rather drive, we are offering a mega parking area so you won’t need to look for spaces. And of course, we have coordinated with our ride-sharing services and taxis to provide you optimal transportation.
CABO Music Fest, come enjoy the sea, nature, friends, drinks, great food and most importantly the best music.

For more information and tickets visit our website.